You don't need to become a better version of yourself. You just need to quiet the noise, the BS, the conditioned belief systems, and reclaim the power that's always been there.


The reclamation retreat team members
The reclamation retreat post vipassana


We're conditioned to be a certain person, live a certain life and follow a set path.

The pursuit of this ideal leads us further and further away from our true, authentic selves...

Away from our intuition, away from our inherent connection to nature, spirit and one another....

it's time to reclaim what's yours

This isn't an escape to la-la land, or away from your problems.

This retreat is an intimate space for you to run toward everything that's been holding you back, connecting you with the power within to take on life and its challenges, bringing out your inner resilience, and leaving you with practical tools to make your reality more meaningful.

The only way to reach the light at the end of the tunnel is to first embrace the shadows. this is a reclamation of all parts of yourself.

This is for you
if you are...

  • Feeling stuck in your head, struggling to make decisions, weighed down by expectations from the world around you

  • Worn down by all the advice, information, and prescriptions on how you're "suppose" to live, seeking your own truth and the space to quiet the noise and to tune into your own inner guidance system

  • Yearning for more in life, career and relationships, and have witnessed others living fulfilled, free, expanded lives but have no idea where to start

  • Hungry for transformation, connection and truth


June 30 - July 5, 2024


Tinhela610, Northern Portugal


This is an intimate retreat, with ONLY 10 spots available. If this calls to you, sign up to learn more or connect with our team

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The Foundations

Human Design

or the 'science of differentiation’, is a roadmap that unveils your genetic and energetic blueprint, breaking down the mechanics of your energy for better access to your inner guidance system. We are all designed to be different, and these differences are your superpowers. This is not a 1-size-fits-all retreat. We’ll be catering your experience to your own design, empowering you with this transformative knowledge and the tools to live your own, authentic life

9D Breathwork

the "Ferrari" of breathwork, is a unique sound and breath journey combining 9 powerful healing modalities. Reprogram your subconscious, release trauma, and create new neural pathways to rewire your brain and release what's keeping you stuck. Each session brings you deeper into your healing process unlocking a newfound power, confidence, and self-connection

Yoga & Wellness

To ground the intensive work of 9D Breathwork and Human Design, we'll be weaving in yoga, sound healing, meditation, and pranayama throughout each day, allowing you to integrate the profound self-discoveries and subconscious reprogramming that is underway

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Human Design to feed the mind, yoga to nourish the body and move stagnant energy, 9D Breathwork to bring you deep into the subconscious This is a combination you’ve never experienced before by some of the best in the field...

Welcome to the Reclamation Retreat

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Meet your hosts

Committed to delivering you nothing short of a life-changing and breath-taking experience

Erin Purdy

Erin Purdy

Human Design Coach

Erin is the co-founder of ‘alignd.’ the first Human Design informed holistic healing platform, and has worked with hundreds of clients all over the world to understand their energy, leverage their Human Design, and see lasting change and transformation. Erin is originally from Chicago, where she was a competitive athlete turned corporate business strategy consultant. After experiencing extreme burnout, health issues, and bitterness, she discovered the incredible science of Human Design. Equipped with this self-knowledge, she decided to uproot - buying a 1-way flight to Indonesia to learn how to surf and find her purpose. She spent the next few years deconditioning from who she thought she was, so she could create a life of true alignment. Erin is an incredible guide - gifted at seeing what others often miss and a wizard when it comes to spotting patterns - which she uses to help others find and create a fulfilling and authentic life by design

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Ruby Jones

Ruby Jones

9D Breathwork Lead

Ruby is one of the leading 9D breathwork facilitators, for the creators of 9D Breathwork with Brian Kelly. Ruby grew up in the Netherlands, but her South African roots drew her to venture out beyond the comfortable borders of home. She left when she was 19 and set off on a journey - traveling around the world and working the corporate 9-5 (Crypto, Account Manager, Sales, and more) before extreme burnout drove her to re-examine her core and pursue a life of authenticity and truth. Her story is a testament to the profound impact that can be achieved when one dares to follow their heart and chase their dreams. She is here to help you transcend any limiting beliefs and constructs holding you back, to help you feel a deep sense of liberation and freedom within yourself, and to experience the beauty in following your own path

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Eleonore Remondiere

Eleonore Remondiere

Holistic Wellness Lead

Eleonore is the founder of Elea Retreats, a global platform for wellness seekers. She has conceptualized, organized, and led transformative retreats all over the world, offering participants profound experiences of self-discovery and transformation. She has been teaching yoga, pilates, and meditation for 8 years supported by a deep understanding of nutrition and naturopathy. Her journey has taken her all over the world, including Australia, California, Bali, India, and Central America. This perspective has allowed her to integrate diverse wellness traditions into a unique and holistic approach. Her holistic programs seamlessly integrate the power of yoga, pilates, sound healing, and meditation, guiding individuals toward mindfulness, nutrition, growth, and a deeper connection to themselves and nature

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Jack Purdy

Jack Purdy

Integration Facilitator

Jack is a web3 entrepreneur and newsletter writer for A Life Examined, his publication focused on mindfulness, self-realization, and personal growth. Jack started his career in banking and quickly realized the void it created in his life. He then became obsessed with the question of how to live a better life which brought him deep into the fields of meditation, breathwork, and plant medicine. Through this work he has been able to meaningfully transform his life, finding deep fulfillment in his job leading sales for Messari, one of the largest crypto data and research firms, while leaving room for frequent travel, retreats, and creative endeavors. Jack will be assisting the retreat through various integration practices, holding space for all that arises and the inevitable breakthroughs to come

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Let's start LIVING

The world floods us with information about WHO we should be, HOW we should live, and WHAT we should want... it's time to get real, cut the BS, quiet the noise, and reclaim your power

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